The Tribute To Nargis is the 6-th albume of ethnic-jazz band Baraka from Latvija.
Their musical director Dmitry Evsikov asked me to do the layout design for CD pack a year ago and I happily agreed to fulfill his request, even more so that I played the accordion on one of the tracks on the albume.
The work was carried out on the design of painstaking research on the Iranian and Tajik arts. Becouse Nargis  was originally a singer from the Pamir as eshcho call it - Roof of the World and the cradle of Indo-European civilization. In the end, I get reserch many Persian miniatures, met with key figures of the medieval Iranian art and learned what though different from nastaliq and naskh in arabic calligraphy.
For inside booklet were taking photo session in Latvia and in other countries
The Photographers:
Dmitry Aksenov, Valery Stroikin, Ivan Warshawsky, Boris Kaplan, Dmitry Evsikov, Sevil Friedberg
Daler Nazarov, Parvin Yusufi, Vafa Moayed
Design Studio:
Sketis music
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