Task: cover for CD of 3CUSPID's electronic music project
Role: Art detection / Graphic designer

It all started on a sunny, not ill-boding morning. I was sitting at my modest tech support workplace in a bright, but rather meagerly and classically furnished office. Staring at the monitor, I was drinking out of a large porcelain mug of freshly brewed morning coffee, leafing through files with the tasks for the current day. Suddenly my morning pastoral was interrupted by a sharp call. I picked up the phone and did not quite understand what's going on at first. Crackling sounds and extraneous noises came out of the receiver.
I thought I should hang up, when through the bubbling and crackling out of the phone came a muffled voice that said,
"Hello!" I replied. "Who am I speaking with?"
"My name is Shezif. I'm calling from the city of Miranshah (Waziristan). I have some technical questions concerning your product. Could
you spare me a few minutes?"
"Yes, yes! Sure! I am entirely at your service!" said I and continued to listen attentively to the person on the other end. Shezif did not keep me occupied for a long time. He asked a couple of questions regarding our product and satisfied was going to hang up. But in the end, for some reason I decided to ask what kind of business is Shezif's company engaged in. "We are building a subway in Waziristan, yes. You see, our Emir planned to cover all our small Emirate with an extensive system of underground trains. A tender was declared and our company won. That's true. So in a couple of years we will have a subway in Waziristan. Come take a ride!" he laughed into the phone. But then the conversation stopped. Something started bubbling and rattling again and finally I heard a busy signal. After this conversation, I plunged into work, went through some files, letters and other computer humdrum, talked to clients, colleagues, went to lunch, came back, etc. Later in the afternoon, I remembered my morning conversation with a man from Waziristan. I was consumed with interest in his country. Honestly speaking, I never heard of it. Judging by the accent, the name, and the fact that
Shezif named the head of his small state an Emir, the country was located in the East. I decided to google the issue and found the information about this strange state in Wikipedia. The article on Waziristan said that the region is in North Pakistan, to the west and southwest of Peshawar. It is inhabited mainly by Pashtun tribes. Waziristan residents since olden times have a reputation of militant people, known for their tribal vendetta customs. The article noted that this is the poorest region in Central Asia. Somehow all this did not fit in with the subway construction and our technical support of expensive electronic product - the thought
flashed through my mind. And then it hit me! Perhaps this man called me from the future. From the happy sunny tomorrow, when all nations will live in peace, people will forget poverty and ignorance and all that. And I jumped for joy that it was so! The Complete Scheme of Waziristan Underground from the Next Three Existences passed through the distant burbling and crinkling call from the futurest future have bubbled, crackled and evolved into the jams and tracks of 3CUSPID, which finally found their way onto this album.

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